Monday, August 5, 2019

Bunnyhenge and the Bad Dog

Lest you think Orange County has little to get upset about, consider Bunnyhenge. 

In 2015 the City of Newport Beach was putting the final touches on their newly designed, revamped, and really interesting Civic Center, located between MacArthur Blvd and Avocado Street. The Library got a facelift, the Administration has a wavy exterior to match the beach theme of the town… And a large circle of bunnies sit atop the hill playing the weirdest stare-out game you have ever seen. 

There are 14 of the critters, and a great deal of thought was given to their creation. Each sculpture stands about 3-1/2 feet tall, and the wascally wabbits have been creeping out many residents ever since they were revealed. 

Created by the designers at PWP Landscape architecture, the bunnies were selected over several other species considered, including lizards, quail, turtles, and seagulls, as they tried to get the right animal to “fit the vibe of Newport Beach.” Bunnies. Yes. Bunnies. 

The city was hoping to create an instantly recognizable landmark that would inspire children to play and imagine. But many of the residents questioned the price of the artwork, which came in at a whopping $221,000. 

Also for your viewing pleasure nearby: A two story black dog stands next to the Orange County Museum of Art, leg lifted. Occasionally vandals have been known to add yellow spray paint to the building, in case you had any doubt of the dog’s intent. The “Bad Dog” sculpture was created by artist Richard Jackson. 

Children do play at Bunnyhenge, as the sculpture has come to be known. But many curmudgeons have called the rabbits satanic or spaced out at the least. They continue to point to the bunnies as a tremendous waste of money. But the bunnies are unfazed by the negativity. They sit in a perfect circle, staring off with blank eyes at whatever you imagine.


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